Protective Styles Q And A

1. How to I maintain my bundle hair?

Always use a conditioning shampoo and conditioner. After rinsing out apply a leave in conditioner for extra moisture. It is better to comb while hair is wet.

2. How do I keep my protective style from becoming dull?

Use shampoos designed for synthetic or human hair. Do not use products with alcohol, which can cause drying, dulling and frizzing to the roots. Use a lightweight detangler while hair is wet to create a smooth, silky feel and look. Apply a light polisher to create an instant shine when hair is dry.

3. How do I stop my weave from tangling or matting?

Spray  Easy brush detangler over entire hair then Brush or comb your hair daily  to prevent matting and knotting. Section hair in four parts and start from bottom of hair and work your way up to the roots, when combing or brushing. When shampooing your hair always lean head back in shower, rather than leaning forward in a sink.

4. How do I achieve a natural look with my weave?

Choose a hair texture that blends in with your own natural hair. Be sure to use some of your natural hair and expose a section of your scalp for a more real look. Use a weightless oil free cream that will not separate your own hair from the synthetic hair.

5. How do I get my synthetic or human hair to last longer?

For straight styles use a lightweight cream and wrap hair at night with a silk scarf, to avoid tangles. For wavy styles use a sculpting liquid to tame frizz and maintain a smoother and shinier look then wrap over night.

6. How do I keep my own hair strong while wearing a weave?

Apply a cream on your scalp and hair before braiding your hair up. In between wearing a wig, weave or hair extensions make sure to use a sulfate free shampoo and a deep conditioner to restore moisture in to your hair.